The Law and Ignorance

They say that Ignorance is no excuse for the law and yet many who break the law use this as their first excuse? But Officer; I did not know that 90 mph in a school zone was illegal here? Yah, sure, step out of the car turn around and put your hands behind your back.

Recently an Online Think Tank took up this issues as one member recalled a recent conversation about this very fact in which the other party went into a near tirade about how ignorance was a reasonable excuse for accidentally breaking the law. In fact, he stated;

Dear Sir, your comments about ignorance and the law are of interest in that the real problem is that things like the Motor Vehicle Code, Building Codes, OSHA laws etc are so voluminous that no one but an idiot savant could know them. The lawyers, policemen, judges, why they are forever looking it all up themselves. It is completely silly as so many of the laws get so out of control that they cross the lines of common sense.

So, then you have applied your own common sense to the senseless over regulation and rules I see. Which is fine, until human nature intercedes and someone desires what you have and uses those laws to stifle your best efforts. I hear what you are saying there. Indeed, we need to have a “red magic market” committee to eliminate the complexity the crushes creativity and innovation out there.

Of course the debate rages on and so do the lawmakers and so the citizens are lost in fear of breaking laws they have no clue about. In any case I certainly hope this article was food for thought and of interest to you to propel your mind in 2007.

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